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Mobile First Products
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# What we have to offer

Offering multi-layer of in all of our products.​

Easy yet modern web presence.

From creating, customizing to managing your WordPress site, we make sure our products give you the most ease-of-use possible at the very same time not loosing the essence of modern web standards.

Ready for screens.

All of our products are always tested through most screen sizes, such as mobile, tablet, desktops & more. With this we make sure anyone using our products gets the most out of their content on any screen size.

Secure and formatted code.

Secured & quality code with well formatted syntax, which makes it easier for the code to be extended & stay scalable for years to come.

Designs built for humans.

Interfaces tailored for human friendly experiences, which also makes sure that designs go easy & beautiful on your eyes be it layout, colors or accessibility.

Regular updates.

We have round-the-clock regular updates & testing schedule, so your website stays always protected and updated with latest industry standard code.

# Top Priority

Customer is only one call away.​

We’re more than ready & prepared for all of your questions, so that our responses don’t take much time and you get your work done a.s.a.p.

Our support system is ticket based, which makes it easier for both of us to track and reply to the conversation related to the respective query.

All of our WordPress products come with a direct support contact option integrated within, which makes it much easier to get support at the earliest possible.

We know time is important, and you don’t want to wait for your answers so we created docs for most of your questions related to our products, either you’re just getting started or a regular expert there are answers efficiently written for all.

Expect a crazy fast response time, cause we know & respect the value of your time.

# Instant assistance all the way

We made sure of our to be helpful at each step.

We have video tutorials throughout our docs for an easy yet time-saving way of accessing information on our WordPress products.

Our docs also contain articles on extending default or base features that come with our WordPress products. From a user just getting started to a developer there is something for everyone.

We also have a collection of user requested articles, tutorials and furthermore we add regular articles requested by you or any of our customers.

Documentation is also available directly from the WordPress Dashboard in all of our WordPress products, this makes it easier for you to get instant help when or if you need it.

Our documenation is very well organized from design related articles to extended code articles for all the help we can provide you for getting that dream WordPress site of yours ready.

We regularly update our articles and tutorials for any revisions in WordPress or in our products. We give documentation maintenance a high priority as it is the first line of support for customers.

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